Les Rencontres de l'arbitrage et du contentieux




Responsable Juridique & Arbitre et médiateur, CMAP


From October 2007 up today : Utility : ENGIE S.A. - Paris La defense Since 2018: In house lawyer in the France Renewables Business Unit: Legal Manager of a Project of floating wind farm in the Mediterranean sea (Les Eoliennes Flottantes du Golfe du Lion) : management of the corporate of the project company (J.V. with Engie – EDPR – CDC), of the Ethic & Compliance of the company/Project, of the administrative process to obtain the administrative authorizations of the Project, of the negotiation of all the business contracts (e.g. EPCI contracts for the wind farm (Wind Turbines / Floats / Cables) - for an amount of € 250 million), of the negotiation of the financing contracts with Ademe, EIB, EKF, and a pool of 4 commercial banks (financing without recourse for an amount of 250 million €), and generally all the legal matters. From 2007 to 2018: In house lawyer in the LNG Business Unit: Legal management of the LNG fleet (18 vessels in operation at the 4th April 2012), of Gas & LNG Exploration & Production plants (Cameron LNG (USA), Cameroun LNG (Cameroun) notably), of the LNG sale and purchase Agreements (long, mid and short terms) and, notably, the price revision negotiations/disputes under such LNG SPA, of the European LNG regasification terminals where the B.U. had access (Montoir de Bretagne, Fos-cavaou, Fos-Tonkin (France), Zeebrugge (Belgium)), of the ENGIE’s shareholdings in LNG liquefying & regasification plants (Idku in Egypt and Snohvit in Norway): negotiation and drafting of the contracts and their amendments, management of the disputes and litigation. From March 2020 up today : Mediator listed in the Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris (CMAP) : Mediator in a dispute between 2 companies in the framework of an energy contract (successful). From June 2011 up today : Arbitrator listed in the Arbitral Maritime Chamber of Paris (CAMP): President of an Arbitral Tribunal settling a dispute for wrongful termination of a maritime insurance partnership. Member of an Arbitral Tribunal settling a demurrage dispute (charter-party). President of an Arbitral Tribunal settling a dispute for loss and damages to goods (wheat) during maritime transportation under a charter-party. President of an Arbitral Tribunal settling a dispute under a charter-party for damages to a carried military patrol vessel during its loading operations in the sea vessel; Member of an Switzerland Ad-hoc Arbitral Tribunal settling a dispute for an alleged deficient ship-management of a yacht leading to cancelations of affreightments of such yacht;

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