deuxième édition des Débats Finance et Impact



Solifap was born from the meeting of AG2R LA MONDIALE and the Fondation Abbé Pierre and their shared desire to provide structural support to associations fighting against poor housing. Solifap is one of the solutions to the societal challenges of our time that have emerged from the €32 million Innovation Fund set up in 2011 by AG2R LA MONDIALE. Its two founders, who had each invested €6 million, have since been joined by other institutional investors, employee savings plan managers and private individuals, who have brought its intervention capacity to more than €40 million; a capacity that Solifap deploys in three directions: land, financial (equity loans and loan guarantees) and consulting. Since 2014, Solifap will have helped to house 3,000 people by having committed nearly 28 million euros, acquired 180 homes and supported 54 actors in the fight against poor housing throughout the country. By 2022, Solifap's ambition is to have acquired 300 housing units, supported 75 associations and convinced 1,000 individual shareholders (compared to just under 500 today).

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