deuxième édition des Débats Finance et Impact



Swapabee was started in 2016 By Founder Jesse Sobitan. His mother was a horder, he grew up with rooms full of unused and unneeded products and everyday new un-wanted things were added to the pile. As he got older he realised he wasn’t the only one. It turns out that the UK alone produces 31 million tonnes of waste a year and the EU on a whole nearly 500 million tonnes of waste a year. In 2019 Swapabee was launched and rapidly gained traction from being awarded best sustainable circular economy idea at Web Summit 2019. T o making partnerships with Brighton and Coventry University. Also to winning a 100,000.00 GBP billboard campaign with Ocean outdoors. Plus much much more to come this year such as facilitating sustainable fashion swaps at London Fashion Week! Now we are turning our sights to assisting the rest of the EU.

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