deuxième édition des Débats Finance et Impact



The report, Appetite for Disruption, A Second Serving, launched alongside the Sustainable Proteins Hub, a microsite allowing FAIRR members to access the full data of the analysis, presents the key trends within the industry and how alternative proteins are now perceived by leading food companies as a driver for growth and a climate-related risks mitigation tool. Beside encouraging shifts such as 40% of leading food firms having dedicated teams for plant based products, the engagement highlights other changes for instance the increase in venture investments in plant based proteins which have almost doubled since 2019, reaching $1.1bn in 2020 (July), making 2020 a watershed year for plant-based market capitalisation. The engagement, launched in 2016, grew ten-fold since, reaching $13trillion in assets, demonstrating further the progression of the alternative proteins industry and the opportunity it represents for companies to address the risks of the global protein value chain.

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