deuxième édition des Débats Finance et Impact

The Climate Media Initiative and


The "Tour des Reporters d'Espoirs pour le climat" project covers : . The creation of a MOOC, an online course/site allowing any French-speaking person to access educational content (texts, infographics, videos), a methodology, good practices and advice from journalists to journalists, advice and observations from scientists (IPCC in particular). A Tour de France to meet journalists and journalism students in the territories, 10 stops in 10 cities, to offer them face-to-face training, enrich the dialogue, create a community. The Media Climate Initiative is closely linked to the project. This platform aggregates "the best of solutions" and makes 3 types of content accessible : - The best of the news that makes you want to act: aggregation of reports and content that more or less meet the criteria of solutions journalism - The best of initiatives: initiative sheets written by Reporters d'Espoirs to facilitate journalists' monitoring. - The Reporters d'Espoirs Lab studies to enlighten the media. The platform also allows Internet users to share content and initiatives that inspire them.

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