deuxième édition des Débats Finance et Impact

HABITAT & HUMANISME - Pensions de Famille


Context: Housing for very low-income people facing life hardships (loss of partner or job, health, old age, etc.) is still a major issue in France. The state-sponsored social housing sector (c. 5M flats housing about 10M people) does not cater well for under-resourced/disadvantaged people. Since 1985 HH very social housing is targeting this leftover population by offering access to decent affordable housing and social inclusion. As of end-2019 HH managed 8,750 flats of different types all over France, Belgium and Luxemburg. The Project: Pensions de Famille (PDF) is one of HH housing offering, among others like individual flats, intergenerational houses, nursing homes, and refugee centers. A PDF welcome mostly single people so that they feel at home without being lonely. Residents pay a subsidized rent. They are helped towards social inclusion by 1 or 2 House Manager and volunteers. A PDF building has 20 housing units on average (small flats of 20 to 25 sq meters) and collective areas (kitchen, living room, laundry room, garden, etc.), and is located in town centers, close to shops, transports and medical services. Residents have a right to stay as long as they want/can.

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