deuxième édition des Débats Finance et Impact

THE BEGUINAGE : inclusive housing and responsible real estate


In response to the demand for supported housing, the association VIVRE EN BEGUINAGE was created in January 2017 to structure and organize life in the béguinages. The béguinages are small collective housing complexes of 10 to 25 individual social rental units, benefiting from shared living spaces and guest rooms. The association's activities focus on human accompaniment for the benefit of people in vulnerable situations or loosing their autonomy, with the aim of maintaining social ties and fighting against isolation and loneliness. The association promotes a way of life that encourages conviviality and mutual aid by counting on the benevolence of its neighbors, to preserve its autonomy as long as possible and to maintain good health. The association relies on the land company France Béguinage, which finances the construction of the béguinages and is the owner. It is 99% owned by the Amundi Finance & Solidarity Fund, a major player in SSE.

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